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Rutherglen and Cambuslang schools will return full-time in August if Scotland continues to make progress on suppressing coronavirus (COVID-19), the Scottish Government has announced (23rd June).

This move comes after significant progress was made in reducing incidence rates of the virus, putting Scotland on a more positive trajectory than previously expected.

The ’blended-learning’ contingency plan drawn up by councils may still be used if the science and evidence requires it.

The Scottish Government has now made it a central planning assumption that pupils will return to class full-time in August. This is conditional on infection rates being sufficiently low to continue to control the virus, public health and testing systems being in place, and protective measures and risk assessments being carried out in schools.

The Scottish Government has also revealed that an additional £100 million will be invested over the next two years to tackle the impact of lockdown on schools and pupils, including ensuring every current probationer teacher who meets the standard for full registration obtains a teaching post for the year ahead.

Commenting on the plans, local MSP Clare Haughey said:

“This is an important step not only in ensuring our young people get the education they deserve, but it’s also positive news for working families.

“The contingency is still there should we need it, but our success in suppressing Covid-19 makes it now possible to plan for full-time return.

“The wellbeing of teachers, school staff, and of course, our pupils remains our priority – so this target will be dependent on getting and keeping the virus at very low levels.

“The proposed return to school is around six weeks away, so we have an opportunity as a country to observe the guidance and regulations – let’s ensure we do this to keep everyone safe.

“I want to send my gratitude to our amazing teachers, school staff, and council workers who have helped us get to this stage.”


Date published: 24th June 2020

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