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Local MSP Clare Haughey has contacted Santander enquiring about the bank’s long-term future in Rutherglen, after it announced it was to close other sites across the UK.

Santander published a list of 140 branches it is to axe, however the Rutherglen Main Street branch was not included. Stores set to close include Glasgow Forge Shopping Centre, Springburn and Lanark.

Branch closures locally have caused uproar, and with the Bank of Scotland set to close in Burnside within the next few weeks, the only remaining banks in Rutherglen and Cambuslang are on Rutherglen Main Street.

MSP Clare Haughey has written to Santander asking whether their decision not to close its Rutherglen branch is “indicative” of the bank’s long-term commitment to remain on Main Street.

Commenting, Rutherglen MSP Clare Haughey said:

“Our communities in Rutherglen and Cambuslang have been devastated by too many bank closures over the last few years.

“Rutherglen Main Street is now the only part of my constituency with banks, and there are understandably concerns locally regarding their long-term future.

“One of the banks on Main Street, Santander, have announced a raft of closures across the UK, but thankfully Rutherglen is not one of them. I have therefore written to Santander asking whether this means that they remain fully committed to its branch in Rutherglen.

“Banking services are essential for local businesses and residents, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, so they must stay accessible and local to their loyal customers.”



Further information on the Santander bank closures can be found on the link below:

Please find attached the letter from Clare Haughey MSP to Santander.


Date published: 24th January 2019

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