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Blantyre MSP Clare Haughey has welcomed renewed calls for a UK Government review into Home Energy and Lifestyle Management Ltd (HELMS).

Ms Haughey’s colleague, Alan Brown MP, introduced a Bill to the House of Commons urging the Westminster Government to look into the conduct of the company.

During his speech, Alan Brown MP also called on the UK Government to offer financial support to those that have been left in debt after signing up to the flawed Green Deal scheme.

Over 3000 Scottish households are affected by the alleged mis-selling of energy efficiency products by Cambuslang-based company HELMS, including hundreds in Blantyre and Hamilton, leaving many with huge debts and some unable to sell their property.

Last year, Clare Haughey MSP established a Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on consumer protection in the energy market which considered the impact of the UK Government’s Green Deal and the HELMS issue more widely.

Commenting, Blantyre MSP Clare Haughey said:

“The UK Government’s flawed Green Deal scheme and botched handling of the HELMS issue has allowed vulnerable households to fall deep into debt, placing rocketing energy bills on families that were already struggling to heat their homes.

“While the serious concerns of thousands of people have thus far been neglected by the UK Government, Alan Brown’s Bill would force the UK Secretary of State to review the conduct of HELMS, and make recommendations for a Government backed compensation scheme.

“However, due to the Westminster’s archaic parliamentary process, it is unlikely the Bill will be able to proceed and become law.

“Many of my Westminster colleagues are pushing the UK Government for a resolution for the thousands that are affected across Scotland, and I will also continue to do so through the Cross-Party Group I set up at Holyrood which meets again next month.”



Wording of Alan Brown’s 10 Minute Rule Bill which was presented to the House of Commons on the 22nd January 2019:

That leave be given to bring in a Bill to require the Secretary of State to review the conduct of Home Energy and Lifestyle Management Ltd in relation to the Green Deal; to require the Secretary of State to report on the merits of a scheme guaranteed by Her Majesty’s Government to compensate persons mis-sold loans under the Green Deal; and for connected purposes.

Further information on the issue can be read here:


Date published: 23rd January 2019

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