“In the past 3 months both myself and Councillor Janine Calikes have both been in regular contact with the Post Office Public and External affairs team in order to gain updates and offer support in finding a solution to this situation. Obviously, we are both extremely keen that a Post Office service be reinstated in Rutherglen as a matter of urgency.

We have identified and met with people from the local shopping centre who are keen to open a service within their premises although, to date, Post Office Ltd have declined to engage in any dialogue around this.

We have again written jointly to the Post Office External Affairs team this week to highlight that it is simply unacceptable that, after a period of three months, this vital community service, on which our constituents rely, has closed without notice, that no dialogue has been entered into with those affected and no resolution is forthcoming.

We have demanded a response which clearly outlines the processes around sudden closures like this and to be urgently advised as to when we can expect a Post Office service to re-open in this community.”



Date published: 13th September 2018

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