Commenting on tthe publication of the Growth Commission Report, Rutherglen MSP, Clare Haughey said:

“The Growth Commission Report sets out a realistic ambition for Scotland to drive inclusive, sustainable growth, emulating other small advanced economies which are much more successful than the broken economic model of the UK.”

“There can be no doubt that the single biggest threat to our economy and prosperity is Brexit. By contrast, this is about growing the economy. It’s about replacing the despair of Brexit with optimism and realism about the future. Scotland is a wealthy nation with huge resources – but other nations of similar size do better with fewer resources”

“We look forward to debating the recommendations in the report, both within the party and with business, trade unions and communities across Scotland. I hope this report will raise the content and quality of debate about independence.”

“However, the Growth Commission Report, in itself, is not about the timing of a referendum on Independence. As the First Minister has already said, that will be determined when the terms of Brexit are clearer. At the appropriate point it is only right that people in Scotland, and across my constituency, would have the right to have the final say over their future.”



Date published: 25th May 2018

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