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Ahead of the Christmas period, Clare Haughey MSP and Councillor Carol Nugent (Rutherglen South ward) are collecting food donations for Rutherglen and Cambuslang Foodbank.

The organisation who co-ordinates the network of foodbanks nationwide, the Trussell Trust, estimates that a staggering fourteen million people live in poverty in the UK, and they argue that this time of year puts even more demands on people’s finances. The Trussell Trust claim that their foodbank network is on course to distribute a record number of food parcels in 2017-18, and by some margin.

Donations can be made at Ms Haughey’s constituency office, or can be arranged to be collected by Cllr Nugent.

Commenting, Clare Haughey MSP said:

“It is absolutely heart-breaking that foodbanks exist in our society, however without them many people would lose an essential lifeline. In one of the largest economies in the world, no one should go hungry at any time of year.

“Rutherglen and Cambuslang Foodbank do amazing work for my constituents who are in need of urgent help, and their volunteers must be applauded for their devotion to serving our community.”

Cllr Carol Nugent added:

“School holidays are often difficult times for families on low incomes, as children are no longer able to receive free meals at school. These issues are often exacerbated at Christmas due to added heating costs, whilst many often spend their disposable incomes on gifts.

“Over the festive season we often think about those less fortunate than ourselves, so I would greatly appreciate if people were able to donate to our collection campaign. I appreciate that not everyone will be able to visit Clare’s office, so please feel free to contact me directly and I can arrange to pick any donations up.”



Further information on the Trussell Trust can be viewed here: https://www.trusselltrust.org/get-involved/christmas-appeal/

Clare Haughey MSP’s contact details

85 Main Street, Rutherglen, G73 2JQ
0141 561 5131

Councillor Carol Nugent’s contact details

07388 955 042


Date published: 29th November 2017

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