Clare’s priorities

As well as representing her constituents on the wide range of issues that they raise with her on a daily basis, Clare also has identified key priority areas that she is working on:



Helms Action Group

The Green Deal was a scheme operated by the UK Government to incentivise people to insulate their homes and install green technologies such as solar panels. This scheme was marketed  by a locally company HELMS, who targeted many ordinary people with potentially misleading information about the scheme, before the business went into liquidation. Many people in the constituency – and across Scotland – have had solar panels installed in their homes that are now actually costing them money  and have had insulation work done that is not up to standard. Clare is fighting for people who have been mis-sold works based on this scheme so that they can be compensated, and you can find out more about the campaign over at the HELMS Action Group Facebook page.

On the back of this campaign, Clare has recently established a Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament –  the CPG on Consumer Protection for Home Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Halfway School

Housing developments in the constituency – while welcome – have put increasing pressure on the provision of schools in the area, and on transport links to the existing schools. The area of Halfway desperately needs to have a school built, and Clare is working to tackle this with the local council.

Small Business

Rutherglen, Cambuslang, Halfway and Blantyre have a history of heavy industry and large employers, but today the business landscape is very different.

Small and medium enterprises are the future of our constituency, and thankfully we have a diverse business community to help drive the local economy. Clare is committed to support and champion the area’s local businesses.



Clare is the Convener of:

Cross-party groups:

Clare is Convener of the following cross-party groups:

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