Point of order on Ruth Davidson

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson told the Scottish Parliament that Prime Minister Theresa May had made an assurance on aid, when in fact the Prime Minister had done no such thing.

Clare raised this in the chamber (transcript below the video)


On a point of order, Presiding Officer. I also wish to raise a point of order under rule 7.3. Today at First Minister’s question time, Ruth Davidson said in relation to the 0.7 per cent aid commitment:

“Theresa May herself gave the commitment to the aid budget when she was at the Department for International Development’s East Kilbride headquarters, which administers aid all around the world.”—[

Official Report

, 20 April 2017; c 10.]

However, the speech that the Prime Minister gave that day gives no such commitment, so why did Ruth Davidson mislead Parliament? Will the United Kingdom Tory manifesto commit to 0.7 per cent, as Ruth Davidson seems to be claiming, or will she now take the opportunity to correct the record?

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