Whitlawburn Hub

Today Clare had the opportunity to visit Whitlawburn Hub, a Digital Inclusion Project that supports members of the community in and around Rutherglen.

Clare met with Fiona Boyle, who told her about the work the project does to help people search for jobs online, work on their CVs and apply for Universal Credit and other benefits on the web.


Digital literacy can be a real barrier to people who are looking for work or to access services which are increasingly delivered on-line, and Whitlawburn Hub understands that people may need help to overcome their fears around using a computer before they can go online and create their CV or apply for benefits. Confidence is key, and Fiona works to create a relaxed atmosphere to help people overcome their fears.

Jobseekers can be sent to Hamilton, Motherwell or East Kilbride to use Job Centre facilities to search for jobs, but Fiona says in some cases it is possible for Job Seekers to use the more local Whitlawburn Hub instead.


Whitlawburn Hub also has links with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Lanarkshire Credit Union and many other local services including the foodbank, so that people who use the service can be referred there too.

Whitlawburn Hub is open Monday and Wednesday 10am-4pm, and on Fridays 10am to 2pm. To get in touch, call them on 0141 641 5005, email them on hub@whitlawburncrc.org.uk or visit their Facebook page.

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