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Scotland’s new First Minister, Humza Yousaf, was in Rutherglen this week leading the SNP’s first nationwide Day of Action this year – ahead of a potential by-election in the constituency.

Mr Yousaf joined local MSP Clare Haughey at Rutherglen Bowling Club’s season opening, and visited several local businesses including Luciano’s, Burnside Pharmacy, Café India, Pasco’s Deli, and L A Hair Studio.

SNP activists also spoke with voters on doorsteps across the Rutherglen and Hamilton West constituency.

The First Minister, Humza Yousaf, said:

“With Scotland’s Parliament under attack from a Westminster power grab, and a Tory cost of living crisis that’s hammering families across Scotland, the SNP is taking its progressive vision for a fairer Scotland to doorsteps across the country today.

“Scotland deserves better than a choice between Sunak and Starmer. While the Brexit-loving Labour and Tories fight for the keys to Number 10, Scots are being left behind by the broken Westminster system.

“People across Scotland deserve more than they’re getting from the Westminster establishment, which is refusing to take any real action to tackle the devastating impacts of Brexit and the cost of living crisis harming household incomes in every community.

“With the limited powers of devolution, the SNP has helped create a better Scotland in Government and we have a progressive record to be proud of that’s helped us gain the trust of voters at election after election.

“Only the SNP will ensure Scotland’s priorities are put first and offer a positive, ambitious and radical vision for their future as an independent country. That’s the message I was delighted to be sharing with voters in Rutherglen & Hamilton West.”

Clare Haughey MSP added:

“It was a pleasure to host Humza Yousaf in Rutherglen.

“The First Minister has only been in his role for a couple of weeks but he’s already taking steps to the tackle Tory cost of living crisis and lift families out of poverty.

“Humza has tripled the Fuel Insecurity Fund and has announced additional investment in childcare, funds of which have been given to Clyde Gateway to benefit families here in Rutherglen.

“It’s clear from our conversations across the constituency that local residents want an SNP MP at Westminster to fight Tory austerity, oppose the hard Brexit which Labour are fully signed up to, and stand up for Scottish democracy.”