“Our current public health emergency has sadly caused an economic emergency that is global in nature but also local – impacting on many people and businesses across South Lanarkshire.

“The financial support from the Scottish Government, for example through business grants and rates relief, will benefit many firms and will help ensure our economy is on the best possible footing when we get through this pandemic.

“In addition to our keyworkers, who have been incredible throughout this pandemic, it has been great to see many businesses enabling their staff to work from home – ensuring that large parts of our economy are able to continue.

“Where this has not been possible, the UK Government’s Job Retention Scheme has been a welcome measure to support continued employment and income.

“Under new plans, however, employers will soon be required to contribute to the cost of the scheme. For many businesses, this simply won’t be possible. So, unless the UK Government offers further support to such businesses, then mass redundancies and business closures could unfortunately be inevitable.”

Date published: 1st June 2020

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