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Blantyre MSP Clare Haughey has written to the chief executive of ASDA urging the company to roll-back in its attempts to change staff contacts.

ASDA has announced that it is seeking to move all retail staff onto a new controversial contract which could see workers lose their entitlement for paid breaks and force them to work bank holidays or take leave in return for £9-an-hour pay rates.

The move has been met with opposition from ASDA staff and trade unions.

A new survey published by the GMB trade union, revealed that more than 9 in 10 staff, 92 per cent, oppose the plans to impose the new contract – known as ‘Contract 6’ – which will affect around 60,000 ASDA workers.

Clare Haughey MSP has written to the company urging them to re-think the proposed changes, after being contacted by a constituent who works in a local ASDA store.

Approximately 3,000 of ASDA’s longest serving staff could lose more than £500 per year because of the contract changes, according to the MSP.

Commenting, Clare Haughey MSP said:

“ASDA is a major employer across the UK, and I suspect many of my constituents will be employed by them either in the Blantyre store or in Toryglen, Glasgow.

“Whilst it is welcome that ASDA are looking to increase their basic rate of pay to £9 per hour, this cannot come at the expense of other rights and entitlements. I understand that nearly 3,000 long-serving employees may lose up to £500 per year due to existing benefits being taken away.

“One of my constituents, who believes she falls into this category, is also worried that if she doesn’t sign the new contract soon, then she may risk losing her job.

“It is vital that ASDA urgently re-thinks these negative contract proposals, and works with the GMB and other unions to ensure that no employee will be forced to accept a contract which disadvantages them.”



Below is a photograph of Clare Haughey MSP outside ASDA Blantyre holding her letter to the company’s Chief Executive, Roger Burnley (taken 3rd July 2019).

Clare Haughey MSP - ASDA Blantyre, 3rd July.PNG


Date published: 5th July 2019

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