Commenting on the issue of funeral expenses in South Lanarkshire, Clare Haughey MSP said:

“In the pain of immediate loss, the last thing grieving relatives need is the worry of funeral costs for their loved one. Whilst burial fees in South Lanarkshire rose by only 3%, or the rate of inflation, in the past year, it is regrettable that there has been such a marked increase in the preceding years.”

“The death of a loved one is an incredibly difficult time for anyone. It can be even harder when money is tight. We know funeral costs can push people into poverty – and often it is those already in financial hardship who face increased difficulties.”

“That is why the Scottish Government are taking decisive action to tackle this growing issue and have engaged with local authorities, the funeral sector and other support services to find solutions that support more affordable funerals.”

“The Scottish Government is committed to supporting those who need it most following a bereavement, which is why we will introduce a new Funeral Expense Assistance from summer 2019.”


The Funeral Costs Plan: commits to 10 actions:
1. Launch a new Funeral Expense Assistance benefit, by summer 2019
2. Publish guidance on funeral costs, by December 2018
3. Improve advice on funeral planning, help following a bereavement and support after a funeral
4. Publish funeral planning guidance to help people think about and record plans for their funeral
5. Strengthen consumer protection in relation to funeral plans
6. Support discussion of bereavement, death, dying and care at the end of life
7. Highlight products from credit unions, including those specifically for funerals
8. Deliver a Social Innovation Fund to help tackle disadvantage such as funeral poverty
9. Give people more options to save for their funeral, through a funeral bond pilot
10. Improve the evidence base to assess the effectiveness of our actions
Also on Child Burial Fees:


Date published: 18th June 2018

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