Commenting on the UK Government’s announcement over the weekend to launch air strikes on Syria, Clare Haughey MSP said:

“We in the SNP unequivocally condemn the use of chemical weapons. However, it is not easy to see how this humanitarian crisis will be helped by air strikes.

“The UK must work with our partners across the international community to ensure a considered response, with a clear strategy, that enables proper investigation, prevents the development and use of chemical weapons, holds those responsible to account, and helps bring the war to a close.

“The Prime Minister has not presented a coherent strategy on how the air strikes – launched without Parliament’s approval – will halt the use of chemical weapons or contribute to a long-term peace in the area.

“The UK’s action risks exacerbating the humanitarian crisis which has already seen millions of people displaced, and the loss of around 500,000 lives.”


Date published: 17th April 2018

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