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Over £148 million has been granted to hard-up households since 2013 through the Scottish Welfare Fund, according to latest Scottish Government figures – including over £9 million in South Lanarkshire.

The latest stats show that 275,000 households have benefited from the Scottish Welfare Fund – which provides Community Care Grants and Crisis Grants – with over one third of those helped being families with children.

Around 20,000 people in the local authority area have been helped with emergency Crisis Grants – which are most often spent on food and essential heating – with Tory welfare cuts responsible for 14% of applications to the Scottish Welfare Fund.

SNP MSP for Rutherglen Clare Haughey said:

“It is encouraging to see so many people across South Lanarkshire accessing the support they need through the Scottish Welfare Fund.

“The SNP is committed to continuing to support the people who need it most despite ongoing Tory austerity and callous welfare cuts – which is why this investment of £9.2 million in South Lanarkshire is so important.

“Across the council area in 2017, 100% of those receiving Crisis Grants were helped within 2 working days – proving how quick and effective this emergency funding is for many.

“The Scottish Welfare Fund is one of the important steps the SNP Scottish Government is taking to protect South Lanarkshire from Tory cuts and to make sure more people don’t fall into poverty.”


Notes to editors:


Table 11: Initial Processing Times (Working Days) for Crisis Grants by Local Authority

  % within 2 working days
Scotland 98%
Aberdeen City 100%
Aberdeenshire 97%
Angus 100%
Argyll & Bute 100%
Clackmannanshire 67%
Dumfries & Galloway 99%
Dundee City 98%
East Ayrshire 99%
East Dunbartonshire 99%
East Lothian 96%
East Renfrewshire 93%
Edinburgh 94%
Eilean Siar 100%
Falkirk 100%
Fife 100%
Glasgow City 97%
Highland 100%
Inverclyde 100%
Midlothian 100%
Moray 98%
North Ayrshire 100%
North Lanarkshire 99%
Orkney 82%
Perth & Kinross 100%
Renfrewshire 96%
Scottish Borders 99%
Shetland 93%
South Ayrshire 100%
South Lanarkshire 100%
Stirling 100%
West Dunbartonshire 99%
West Lothian 99%



Table 16: Number of Crisis Grant Awarded by Local Authority and Quarter

Local Authority  
 2013-2017 Total
Scotland 462,200
Aberdeen City 23,885
Aberdeenshire 9,710
Angus 7,575
Argyll & Bute 5,415
Clackmannanshire 2,955
Dumfries & Galloway 11,800
Dundee City 18,990
East Ayrshire 16,005
East Dunbartonshire 4,595
East Lothian 5,990
East Renfrewshire 1,405
Edinburgh 27,360
Eilean Siar 695
Falkirk 13,045
Fife 33,690
Glasgow City 58,815
Highland 13,855
Inverclyde 8,970
Midlothian 8,805
Moray 7,225
North Ayrshire 18,105
North Lanarkshire 47,705
Orkney 295
Perth & Kinross 10,075
Renfrewshire 30,165
Scottish Borders 5,905
Shetland 530
South Ayrshire 7,585
South Lanarkshire 19,885
Stirling 8,020
West Dunbartonshire 20,445
West Lothian 12,720


Full data tables available at:


Date published: 1st February 2018



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