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Blantyre MSP Clare Haughey hosted the latest in a series of public meetings on Monday night (27th November) at Blantyre Old Parish Church on the alleged mis-selling of energy efficiency products.

Businesses such as Cambuslang-based HELMS sold householders solar panels on the promise of reduced energy bills and other benefits, but in fact bills have in some cases have tripled and saddled customers with years of debt. HELMS had been selling home energy improvement packages to households right across the UK under the umbrella of the UK Governments’ Green Deal initiative between 2012-2015. The company went into liquidation in April 2016.

The meeting was attended by many affected residents of Blantyre and Hamilton. However, several people also travelled from Irvine, Kilmarnock, Falkirk and Bellshill to attend. So far, more than 45 households in Blantyre and upwards of 20 in Hamilton have contacted Ms Haughey looking for assistance with the alleged mis-selling of their solar panels.

Commenting, Clare Haughey MSP said:

“The UK Government’s Green Deal has left some of my constituents in dire financial straits after they were allegedly mis-sold energy efficiency products by HELMS. I have now held several public meetings in Blantyre regarding this matter and we are starting to see some progress.

“The now privatised Green Deal Finance Company have been instructed by the UK Government to make ‘determinations’ in respect of customers who have complained of being mis-sold Green Deal Agreements by HELMS. Offer letters are starting to come out to customers, offering to reduce their outstanding balances. Unfortunately, each case seems to be different and there is no clarity as to how the calculation is made.

“I have written to both the Green Deal Finance Company and the UK Government’s minister for climate change seeking clarification on how these determinations are calculated, what this means for those who have maintenance agreements, amongst many other queries.”

The meeting comes just 11 days after Ms Haughey registered a new Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament that aims to protect consumers of energy efficiency and renewables’ products.

Clare Haughey added:

“This is a multi-faceted approach and I will continue working closely with other elected representatives and the Hamilton CAB until a fair resolution is achieved for all those affected.

” If you, or any neighbours, family or friends, have also been affected by this issue, please contact my office so we can keep you informed of future meetings and any developments”.



Below is a photograph of Clare Haughey MSP outside a constituent’s home who has been affected by the alleged mis-selling of solar panels.

Clare Haughey MSP - Solar Panels

Further information regarding the Cross Party Group can be read here:

Please find the below attachments:

Attachment 1 – Meeting update 271117
Attachment 2 – 211117 Letter to UK Gov
Attachment 3- 211117 Letter to Green Deal Finance Co.

Clare Haughey MSPs contact details

85 Main Street, Rutherglen, G73 2JQ
0141 561 5131

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