Musicians are concerned about the effect Brexit may have on their line of work, according to a major trade union. The Musicians’ Union are campaigning for the UK government to ensure reciprocal free movement arrangements for musicians and performers across all EU member states.

The Musicians’ Union campaign has gained the support of over 150 MSPs, MPs, Peers and MEPs, who have signed their pledge calling on the UK government to do all they can to ensure musicians are able to travel freely and easily post-Brexit to tour and perform. The union argue this is essential as most professional musicians and performers rely on touring and travelling for their careers, and as they are often scheduled to take part in events which are organised at short notice.

Commenting after an event hosted by the Musicians’ Union at the Scottish Parliament, Rutherglen MSP Clare Haughey said:

“The creative industries are worth over £87bn in GVA to the UK, and it is the fastest-growing sector of the economy, employing 1 in 11 people. It is absolutely vital that the UK government protects it during the Brexit negotiations.

“Venues like Rutherglen Town Hall are able to attract and host great performers and artists from across Europe, and this is made much easier through visa-free travel and freedom of movement.

“Not only does freedom of movement benefit those coming to the UK, however it also gives Scottish people the right to live, work, study and retire in any one of the 28 EU countries. The SNP strongly supports the continuation of freedom of movement after Brexit.

“I’ve pledged my support to the Musicians’ Union campaign, and I urge the Tory Government to protect this important sector during negotiations.”



Below is a photograph of Clare Haughey MSP at a Musicians’ Union event at the Scottish Parliament.


The figures regarding the creative industry contribution to the UK economy are sourced from the UK Government website:

For further information, contact Caroline Sewell on or 07791 614 727.


Date published: 1st November 2017

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