Committee Annual Reports

Key committees at the Scottish Parliament have produced their annual reports this week.

Clare is a member of the Education and Skills committee, and is also the Deputy Convener of the Health and Sport Committee, both of which have released their reports.

The Education and Skills committee report can be read at the Scottish Parliament website and covers the committee’s work over the year.

It covers a range of information including one-off sessions on the Enterprise and Skills Review , the Curriculum for Excellence management board and also covers inquiries on areas including:

  • Personal and Social Education
  • Additional Support Needs
  • Teacher Workforce Planning

The Health and Sport Committee report (again accessible at the Scottish Parliament website) overs the committee’s wide-ranging work throughout the year across areas such as the Enterprise and Skills review and the Curriculum for Excellence management board, and also covers inquiries and reports on various areas inquiries including :

  • Child protection in sport
  • Sport for everyone
  • Mental Health
  • Social and community care workforce
  • Obesity.

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