Visit to works on Cambuslang Road

Clare was invited by Network Rail to visit the repair works being undertaken at the rail bridge over Cambuslang Road.

Clare met with Owen Campbell and Graeme Thomson from Network Rail and toured the repair and renewal works being done to the 100-year-old bridge. These works will strengthen the structure and keep it operable for the next few decades.

In a project that combines detailed planning and modelling, with complicated logsitics and old-fashioned manual labour, the team began planning the work in the summer of 2016, and began work on site in February 2017.

Fifty tonnes of recycled glass have been used to ‘blast’ the bridge clean, twenty tonnes of new steel have been added to repair, reinforce and strengthen the structure, and 1500 litres of paint will be applied to ‘waterfproof’ and complete the aesthetic finish of the work

Network Rail have said that these works will complete on 4th June, and Cambuslang Road will re-open on the 26th May.

This will be good news for local commuters who have had to make alternative arrangements while Cambuslang Road has been closed since earlier this year.

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