Clare asks a question on the protection of workers’ rights

Question Lodged (S5W-03192) 26/09/2016

Clare asked:

To ask the Scottish Government what guarantees it has received from the UK Government on the protection of workers’ rights in Scotland following the UK’s vote to leave the EU.’

Question taken in Chamber – Answered by Keith Brown MSP 12/10/2016

Keith Brown MSP responded:

The First Minister has welcomed the Prime Minister’s commitment to ensure Scotland is fully engaged in discussions around EU negotiations.

Our priority is to protect all of Scotland’s interests, including the protection of workers’ rights. The current common framework for EU law prevents the exploitation or workers and a race to the bottom on a range of issues such as discrimination; maternity leave and parental leave; working time; and health and safety. Our position in discussions with the UK Government will be to ensure that these protections are maintained, with scope for further improvements in the future.’

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