Clare asks a question on Living Wage in the NHS

Question Lodged (S5O-0021) 28/09/2016

Clare asked:

‘To ask the Scottish Government what progress it is making to ensure that NHS staff receive at least the living wage.’

Question Taken in Chamber – Answered by Shona Robison MSP05/10/2016

Shona Robison MSP responded:

The requirement to pay the Scottish living wage in the NHS was introduced in 2011 and the lowest available pay point has been at or above the Scottish living wage rate ever since. In addition, the Scottish Government has provided significant investment to support the payment of the Scottish living wage to adult social care workers from 1 October this year and has been working closely with health and social care partnerships and providers to make delivery of the policy successful.’

Follow Up Question Asked in Chamber 05/10/2016

Clare asked:

As NHS Scotland staff are guaranteed the real living wage, how much better off per year is someone in Scotland who enters the lowest point in agenda for change band 1 compared to somebody in the same situation in NHS England?

Follow Up Answer Delivered in Chamber 05/10/2016

Shona Robison MSP responded:

Someone who enters the lowest pay point currently available in NHS Scotland will be £881 per year better off than their English counterpart. That is a sign of the good partnership working that we have with the unions and the fact that we have accepted the pay recommendations from the independent pay review body, unlike other parts of these islands. We believe strongly that partnership working with the unions is an important aspect of ensuring that we deliver progress for staff working in our NHS.’

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