Clare asks a question on IVF treatment at FMQs

Scotland already leads the way on IVF access and rights in UK – and Clare is delighted that the First Minister has today confirmed the intention of the SNP in government to build on the progress the SNP Government has already made in recent years and ensure  many couples in Scotland benefit from the lifeline of IVF treatment.

Question Asked in Chamber (Question S5F-00103) 16/06/2016

Clare asked:

‘To ask the First Minister what action the Scottish Government is taking to improve access to IVF treatment.’

Question Taken in Chamber – Answered by Nicola Sturgeon MSP 16/06/2016

Nicola Sturgeon MSP responded:

‘This week, we confirmed that we would accept recommendations in the national infertility group’s report, to build on the improvements we have made to IVF access in recent years. That will see the number of IVF cycles offered on the NHS increase from two to three and also allow access for couples where one partner does not have a biological child.’

Follow Up Question Asked in Chamber 16/06/2016

Clare asked:

 I thank the First Minister for her answer and for the action that her Government is taking to ensure that IVF provision in Scotland is as fair and as generous as possible. When will those changes come into effect, ensuring that Scotland remains at the forefront on IVF action and rights across the UK?’

Follow Up Answer Delivered in Chamber 16/06/2016

Nicola Sturgeon MSP responded:

‘We are working to ensure that Scotland remains at the forefront of IVF action and rights across the UK. That is in comparison with, for example, Northern Ireland, where eligible couples can access only one fresh and one frozen cycle of treatment; England, where the majority of patients can access only one cycle; and Wales, where couples can access only two cycles of treatment. The action that we are taking therefore puts us very much at the forefront.

Work is now beginning with health boards to develop a sustainable implementation plan that will include setting out final timescales for the introduction of each of the IVF criteria changes. I will make sure that the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport keeps Parliament informed of the implementation as it progresses.

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