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The UK Government’s European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is currently going through its parliamentary stages at Westminster, and Labour have come under fire for their stances in voting.

Rutherglen MSP Clare Haughey has hit out at the Labour Party after a number of their positions in key votes last week, which are set to determine Scotland and the UK’s future relationship with Europe.

On Tuesday, after only 15 minutes debate for an amendment on devolution, Labour abstained on the vote preventing some powers held currently by the EU being transferred to Holyrood.

Then on Wednesday, Labour were widely criticised after Jeremy Corbyn and his front-bench team forced his MPs to abstain once more – this time on whether the UK should remain in the European Economic Area.

Over the two days, SNP MPs voted to protect the devolution settlement, and in favour of remaining in the EU single market.

Commenting, Rutherglen MSP Clare Haughey said:

“Over the last week, we have truly seen the priorities of both the Tories and Labour. One votes against the wishes of the people of Scotland, whilst the other sits on their hands and abstains on issues of major significance.

“No one will be surprised at the disdain the Tories have shown Scotland and our Parliament, but people are rightly shocked at the position taken by the Labour Party. To abstain on a vote on the devolution settlement is one thing, but to then abstain on a vote which could keep the UK in the EU single market is an abdication of their duties.

“My Rutherglen constituents voted to remain in the EU by an overwhelming majority, and they certainly did not vote to be dragged out of the single market against their will – a move which could cost 80,000 jobs in Scotland.

“However, I do congratulate Ged Killen MP for joining with the SNP and voting to remain in the EU single market, in response to constituent pressure. It is just a pity he didn’t turn up to earlier crucial votes or convince more of his Labour colleagues to do the right thing.

“Whilst the Tories are fighting amongst themselves over how hard they want Brexit to be and with Jeremy Corbyn losing control and the respect of 90 Labour rebels, the SNP stood with one voice and voted in the way our constituents expected of us.

“If Mr Killen doesn’t trust the direction or leadership of Labour, then why should the people of Rutherglen and Cambuslang?”



Date published: 15th June 2018

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