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Rutherglen SNP MSP Clare Haughey has criticised Labour Glasgow Regional MSP James Kelly for recent comments in this paper regarding the closure of the 2 Sisters factory in Cambuslang.

As we reported last week, Mr Kelly called on the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, to visit the 2 Sisters workforce instead of pitching up to a “gimmick” at Clyde Gateway to speak to her “usual band of supporters”. The Scottish Government visited Clyde Gateway on Monday 21st May to speak with the public on a range of different matters, and registration was free and open to anyone who wished to attend.

Clare Haughey MSP has slammed the Labour Regional List MSP’s comments reminding him that the Scottish Government offered the First Minister’s assistance however 2 Sisters refused this, whilst also questioning why he didn’t attend the Scottish Government meeting at Clyde Gateway, even though he was invited.

Commenting, the SNP MSP said:

“Yet again we see Labour Regional MSPs issuing press releases and carping from the side lines. Rather than working constructively for the 2 Sisters workforce or the local economy, Mr Kelly has tried to turn this issue into a matter to bash the Scottish Government.

“At the Scottish Government’s roundtable meeting last Thursday, Mr Kelly did not once ask the Business Minister for the First Minister’s involvement in the 2 Sisters issue. Maybe it was because he was reminded that the Scottish Government had offered the First Minister’s direct involvement previously, however 2 Sisters turned this down.

“Within his comments, Mr Kelly also criticised the meeting of the Scottish Government Cabinet at Clyde Gateway. This was an opportunity for anyone attending to ask questions of the Cabinet and the First Minister directly. Can I ask him, if it were merely a session to ‘applaud’ the government, then why he didn’t bother to attend as he and other Regional MSPs were invited?

“Whilst Labour are playing political games with people’s jobs, both myself and the Scottish Government are busy trying to help those affected find new ones. Only last week, the Scottish Government announced it would hold a Jobs Fair for 2 Sisters staff. I am very pleased by the number of employers who have already shown interest in employing this highly skilled workforce.

“Mr Kelly clearly has an axe to grind with the Scottish Government and the First Minister, as it was their party, my party, who sent him packing as constituency MSP for Rutherglen in 2016.”



Labour Regional List MSP James Kelly’s comments can be found on the link below:

Unite the Union mentioning the offer made by the Scottish Government to offer the involvement of the First Minister:

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