“As Mr Kelly will be aware, rail fare increases in Scotland have been restricted by the SNP Scottish Government. The slight rise is lower than the rate of inflation, and it is lower than the average increase across the UK.

“We are fully committed to delivering high-quality public transport across Scotland which is why a public sector bid for rail franchises is currently being prepared. This has only been possible thanks to the SNP securing a change in UK legislation which successive Labour and Tory governments had repeatedly refused to amend.

“I share the frustrations of constituents who have been affected by signalling failures and delays, however the majority of these delays are down to Network Rail – a company publically owned by the UK government. If Mr Kelly was serious about tackling this issue, then he will back SNP calls for the full devolution of Network Rail.

“Labour had the chance to run our railways but they failed do to anything of note. They had 13 years to reverse the UK-imposed ban on public sector bids but refused – so why would the people of Rutherglen and Cambuslang trust them now?”


Date published: 5th January 2017

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